Our Services

Committed to extending and enhancing the
lifeline of your mobile & tablet devices

Get it repaired right the first time...

Our repairs are carried out to extremely high standards and each device that arrives at My Cell Tech receives a full health check both before and after repairs are completed. We guarantee our work and are here
for you when you need us most.

  • Broken Screen

    Need to replace your smartphone or tablet screen? We'll fix it!

  • Button Malfunctions

    We diagnose and repair internal and external power button issues.

  • Battery Replacement

    Use your smartphone longer with a new battery replacement.

  • Audio Issues

    We can fix all sorts of issues such as speaker & audio problems.

  • Software Bugs

    We'll assess any software bug issues you are having with your devices.

  • Liquid Damage

    Our skilled technicians have success rates in fixing liquid damaged devices.

  • Defective Components

    We will be happy to diagnose and replace any defective device parts.

  • Charging Issues

    Phone not charging correctly? It could be the charging port. Bring it in.

  • Camera Issues

    Our technicians will assess the problem and give you a free estimate for repairs.

  • Just Ask!

    Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about your devices.